A beautiful, gracious event is never an accident. It appears effortless to the host and their guests, but the success of every event is predetermined by a meticulous approach to the details.  Gracious Thyme begins planning weeks or even months before the guests arrive so that every moment feels graceful and natural. A Gracious Thyme event happens on purpose.

Mark Cummings and Judy Hundley, the husband-and-wife team at the heart of Gracious Thyme, along with Lisa Vaught, their right hand, bring elegant menus and unparalleled service to events of every size. With an attentive staff that is consistently positive and precise, your event will be well orchestrated.

At Gracious Thyme we take a common sense approach to catering. That means sourcing the best seasonal ingredients from the top suppliers in the Hudson Valley, Long Island, and beyond. We strive to use local ingredients whenever possible. Our menus are elegant and delicious—not fussy or gimmicky. The flavors are clean and delicious, the presentation beautiful—yet simple.

We have immense respect for the relationships we have formed with our clients and look forward to working with you in the future. Your delight is our measure of success.